With just days to go before our Sept. 14 primary,

I feel more excited than ever about our campaign. I’m thrilled by the support I’ve seen this week from many of the thousands of city residents who came out so enthusiastically to vote early. But I know our race won’t truly be run, and our work won’t be done, until every vote has been cast and every ballot has been counted on Tuesday evening.

In the last week, we’ve won new endorsements from Baltimore’s Afro-American newspaper and from the City Paper. Over the many months of our campaign, we’ve also earned the support of many of the state’s leading progressive voices, labor unions and environmental advocates. We’ve won the backing of leading voices for women’s rights and for civil and marriage equality for all Marylanders.

I am proud of all that support. But what’s more important to me is the relationships that I have built with thousands of my friends and neighbors across the 43rd District during our campaign. Over the last six months, I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and spent thousands of hours talking to city residents about their concerns and about how we can work together to solve our city’s problems. In the process, I’ve learned a great deal more about our city and about what voters want and need from their state delegates.

Now, I am eager to use that understanding to work with you and with Sen. Joan Carter Conway, Del. Curt Anderson and Del. Maggie McIntosh to make our schools stronger, build safer and more vibrant neighborhoods all city residents can enjoy, bring new jobs to the city, protect our environment and build a state that is more fair and just for all Marylanders.

But before I can do that, we still have to win this race. That’s why I’m asking today, one last time, for your help in our final push to get our campaign across the finish line.

I need you to help us call our supporters and make sure they are ready to get out to vote on Tuesday. I need you to help us work the polls on Election Day and help our voters get to their polling sites. And I need your generous contributions so that we can reach every possible voter during our campaign’s final days.

Together, we can win this race and build a city that works for all of us.