Mary Washington is a dedicated and committed fierce and tireless advocate for us in Annapolis! Mary strongly believes that what we need is not just a Baltimore for now, but a Baltimore in which successive generations can live, work, learn, love and grow. Achieving these goals requires careful thinking that breaks the mold in order to come up with vibrant new solutions.

Stronger Schools, Stronger Students

Fight for and secure funds for Baltimore City Schools, ensure the money is spent wisely and invest in student and teacher success. Mary believes that our best investment is in our schools. Mary pledges to work hard to break the cycle of inadequate education, high drop out rates, and unemployment. Mary will seek funding for our after school programs and recreation centers to promote social responsibility and career exploration.Mary supports a holistic review of our education system with the goal to prepare our students for 21st Century green jobs and increase our high school graduation rates. She strongly believes that our schools should engage with the community and all students, no matter the location, have access to ample resources.

Safer, Healthier and More Vibrant Communities

Champion solutions to stop violent crime, reform our correctional and detention facilities, create recreational opportunities for our young people, reduce environmental hazards in and around our homes and prevent condominium and single-family home foreclosures. Mary understands that the health of our communities is inseparable with healthy people. Mary believes that everyone should have equal access to reliable and affordable healthcare. In addition, Mary supports strong enforcement of our laws to protect our environment and public health. Conservation and environmental problems affecting the quality of air, land, and water, are opportunities for green job creation and making our communities more sustainable.

Good Jobs, Fair Wages and Sustainable and Equitable Development

Restore our communities by investing in local businesses, paying a livable wage and expanding adult education and job training that moves Baltimore City families out of poverty and into economic self-sufficiency.Our small businesses are vital to our local economy. Mary will push for the revitalization of our local business communities, such as the York Road/Greenmount Avenue corridor and the Alameda and Northwood shopping centers. Mary supports programs to help foster local entrepreneurial talent and partnering businesses with our neighborhoods.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Mary is deeply committed to issues of fairness and social equality and strongly supports access to the full range of reproductive health care options, protection of the rights and safety of LGBT persons and their families, banning the unlawful targeting of immigration and religious minorities, expansion and protection of voting rights, and the elimination of cash bail bond system and racial profiling on our roads and in our communities.


Make state agencies more efficient, ensure workers have dignity and respect on the job and improve the housing and supportive services we provide to our seniors.